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​"The Trinity of Terpenes"

​"The Trinity of Terpenes"

9th Feb 2021

"The Trinity of Terpenes" 

Each Terpene offers an actual TRINITY, specifically:

* Taste
* Effects
* Benefits

Every Terpene, from Myrcene to Limonene adds or enhances these three aspects to whatever product you add them to, whether it be joints, dabs or even brownies!

What about THC and CBD?

Now, THC and CBD alone have their own taste, effects, benefits, so why bother with Terpenes?

But did you know that, by the very processes of creating your Cannabis products, we lose the very Terpenes that give us the taste, effects and benefits that we want!

Add them back!

So, that’s why adding Terpenes to your products, like candies, vapes, joints or tinctures, is very important.

Without adding those Terpenes back into your products, you’re not getting the whole - best - experience possible.

~ The Crew at Trinity Terpenes