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#TerpLovers ~ TRINITY x HOTBOX

#TerpLovers ~ TRINITY x HOTBOX

3rd Feb 2021

Terpenes speak to both of us … #TerpLovers

Trinity Terpenes and HOTBOX met in 2016 and connected over a shared love of terpenes.

Our mantras then and now have remained the same:

"We believed in providing the highest quality and safest plant medicine for our patients."

And the most powerful, yet least appreciated part of the Cannabis plant are the terpenes - the secret ingredient to both the plant’s aromas and a wide variety of possible moods.

Ever since that meeting with HOTBOX, our focus has been to stay true to these ideals. Working together, the teams at Trinity Terpenes and HOTBOX have developed innovative technologies and unique Cannabis offerings that are effective, flavorful and fun!

Now, more than five years later, Trinity Terpenes and HOTBOX are excited to launch a collection of differentiated and enjoyable Cannabis products that focus on terpenes and terpene infusions.

Terpenes speak to both of us. Let them speak to you!

~ The Crew at Trinity Terpenes