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Q. What are Terpenes?

A. Terpenes are natural chemicals that are most prevalent in essential oils and provide the flavor, aroma and effects of well known plants. Terpenes are created by plants, animals and fungi and are silent communicators used to attract and repel, coerce or explicitly harm. Cannabis has spoken to humans for over 10,000 years and helped our species in many desirable ways. Terpenes can talk to you; are you listening?

Q. Why do Terpenes Matter Most?

A. Terpenes are responsible for the limitless varieties of plant essential oils and for the abundance of varied effects in Cannabis. At Trinity Terpenes we believe that terpenes are the most important component of Cannabis which pushes against the grain of the THC/CBD dominant hype. No doubt the synergistic magic of terpenes along with cannabinoids like THC, as well as the endless other chemicals found in Cannabis, all combine for a unique effect referred to as the “Entourage Effect”.

Q. What do I do with my TerpProfiles once I get them?

A. That depends on why you bought them ;) Our TerpProfiles are found in many products around the world including vapes, drinks, tinctures, joints and candies to name a few. For creating these products yourself, here are some simple calculations (feel free to contact us for more in depth assistance) vapes: add between 5-10% (v/v) to your Cannabis extract or distillate. Tinctures: 0.5-2% Drinks need very little for effect, dip in a tooth pick and swirl in your pint or glass. One drop on a joint.

Q. Where can I find Trinity Terpene regulated Cannabis products near me?

A. Find us in the real world here!

Q. What are TerpBites?

A. TerpBites are terpene infused edibles from Trinity Terpenes. Currently we offer two versions of our TerpBites as gummies with natural flavors paired with Cannabis Derived Terpenes. These can be found in California Dispensaries with 10mg THC per gummy or online without cannabinoids. 10 pieces per pack.

Q. What is a TerpJoint?

A. TerpJoints are terpene infused prerolls from Trinity Terpenes. They are infused with strain specific Cannabis derived terpenes. Our premium indoor joints and be found in CA dispensaries and hemp CBD prerolls are online.

Q. What are TerpStrains

A. TerpStrains are the internationally recognized and award winning botanical recreations from Trinity Terpenes. Many of our profiles are of well known Cannabis strains with some profiles being more fruit or candy forward flavors.

Q. Which Terpenes enhance your high?

A. They all do. However they do so in various ways. For instance, myrcene is reported to increase the amount of chemicals that can cross the blood brain barrier thus increasing the psychoactive effects of THC. Alpha-Pinene has been suggested to increase the amount of air that is absorbed in your lungs, therefore increasing the amount of Cannabis that can get into your blood. There are many different effects associated with terpenes, but at Trinity Terpenes we believe in the synergistic effects of a variety of terpenes to create the best effects.

Q. Which Terpenes boost your CHILL vibe?

A. Linalool, Nerolidol, Myrcene, beta-Caryophyllene, beta-Pinene

Q. Which Terpenes boost your UP vibe?

A. Terpinolene, Terpineol, alpha-Pinene